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The Client

This project was about renewing our CI. YNL DESIGN is an award-winning brand design company founded in 2013. It has developed a unique and iconic brand image with new perspectives and rich imagination. YNL DESIGN provides comprehensive and creative solutions for naming, brand story, logo, identity design (CI, BI), package design, communication, website design (UI, UX), and sign system through the professional processes led by planners and designer teams. YNL DESIGN provides strategic and creative services to continuously produce brand values based on various know-how on brand identity planning and design.

The Objective 

YNL’s CI renewal project focused on communicating the expertise and sincerity of YNL DESIGN, which provides a successful branding experience to a variety of clients based on the slogan of 'We build brands that truly connect.' As a branding agency that designs a unique brand image while embracing projects in various fields, such as lifestyle, fashion & beauty, F&B, retail, and education, YNL pursues an iconic and refined brand image.

The Solution

YNL's new CI reflects YNL's values ​​and how it treats the brand. We developed a symbol with Y in negative space by reflecting YNL's way, which is to define the brand's unique values ​​and discover new possibilities, rather than simply pursuing an extravagant and beautiful design. The solid and balanced shape of the symbol expresses the brand essence of YNL DESIGN, which creates invisible and intangible brand values ​​into a refined brand image. Also, light gray, which indicates the possibility, the beginning of everything, and black, which indicates full branding, were employed as the main colors of the brand to create a modern and professional image. 

YNL's iconic corporate identity conveys the expertise and sincerity of the brand design company that realizes the brand keywords: IMAGINE, BUILD, and CONNECT, with fertile imagination and original perspective.