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Volcom | Coco Ho Collection
Volcom | Coco Ho Collection

As a world-renowned surfer, Coco Ho earned a reputation as one of the most stylish athletes in the water. In recent years, Coco transformed that effortless grace into a best-selling clothing line for Volcom. For the 2020/21 season, Volcom and Coco approached us to tell the story of what makes Coco—and her collection—so damn irresistible. 
By the Numbers

Over three seasons, we produced video-first shoots to highlight key skus. Each shoot took place in a different landscape to highlight the versatility of the collection. In total, we delivered 3 hero videos, 14 cutdowns, 250 unique video clips, and over 300 still frames. 
Spring 2020: Our Heroine's Homeland

All good hero stories begin at home. For Spring 2020, we ventured to Oahu, Hawaii to capture Coco in her natural habitat. The calm, stunning beauty of the North Shore juxtaposed well against the bustling rumble of urban Honolulu—the perfect metaphor for the collection as it embodies the ultimate beach to city lifestyle. 
Fall/Holiday 2020: Into the Unknown

As the seasons change, so does Coco. For Fall/Holiday 2020, we took her out of her comfort zone and into the towering scenery of California’s Sequoias. This change represented her mental shift as well as the collections change to more layers. 
Expanding into Reels

Throughout the course of any project, platforms can change—and in the case of Fall 2020, we found ourselves looking to explore Instagram Reels. This new format emphasizes vertical video, short-form storytelling, and is relatively optimized for sound on. 
Spring 2021: Finding Self in the Desert

To conclude our three-season rollout, Coco ventured into the depths of the California desert. Sparse landscapes. Stunning sunsets. Glimmering light. And Coco in all her favorite staples of the collection. This was paired with a longer-form primary video to give Coco more space to tell her story and that of the collection. 
Volcom | Coco Ho Collection
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