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    Do more with your DNA.
Do more with your DNA.
Nowadays, genetic testing is becoming more and more accessible. Amazingly, today it is cheaper to take a genetic test than fill your car with gas! Genetrainer, an English Company founded by Ralph Pethica (UK), Julian Gough (UK) and Livio Bondi (IT), allow people to do more with their DNA, offering an online tailored training plan based on the genetic variations that make them different from everybody else.
Genetrainer already had a visual identity when they decided to work with us for the designing of the corporative website and the UX for their web application. The challenge was to create a simple, intuitive and institutionally related UI. We worked very closely with the Genetrainer team to get the best result for their product.
Ther’s no doubt Genetrainer is a promising company with a great idea that creates value with a really clear and defined target.