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    Communicate light and shadow.
Communicate light and shadow.
Clair-Obscur is the brand that represents the French artist Christian Doyen.
Christian thinks and develops designer lamps, carefully selecting the materials and paying incredible attention to the details and finishes. Each lamp plays with light and shadow, colour and motives, volumes and plains, in a different and unique ways. The stylish designs are normally inspired by different artistic movements, from minimalism to baroque Louis XIV.
Clair-Obscur needed a brand to transmit the same quality, elegance and detail that is found in their products. To achieve this we created a visual identity based on its essence: Light and Shadow.
The Clair-Obscur lamps are found on sale in numerous Art galleries in Paris. In order to make the brand stand out we created a catalogue a gallery can offer to their clients, showing the products details, finishes, and manufacturing of the lamp in a professional yet extremely artistic way. We also provided product photography, which plays with the effect of light and shadow.