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Artificial intelligence doesn't simply come into existence, it is born from the boundless imagination of numerous brilliant minds, emerging from the vast void of creation.

GenesisAI is a wondrous platform that holds the power to unite thousands of expert AI tools, forging a mystical bond that transcends the limitations of mere technology.

Our visually striking design features interconnected particles representing individual AI software, with connecting lines that create compelling product visuals.

- Digital-first Branding

Website project overview

A bonded living website made in Adobe XD, which interacts with user scroll and all the journey user and AI can draw a fully responsive website page

We have faith that the creation of a platform, one that connects thousands of expert AI tools, is the most practical and righteous path towards the attainment of artificial general intelligence

- Web & UI design


Nino Dvali, Lana Chaduneli

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GenesisAI - Digital-first Branding & Web design