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    7 back-portraits of people that are leaving Italy in search of a better future. BELLA CIAO is the greeting of the Italian fashion brand PIAZZA IT… Read More
    7 back-portraits of people that are leaving Italy in search of a better future. BELLA CIAO is the greeting of the Italian fashion brand PIAZZA ITALIA to our young italians who are going abroad looking for a new life. Read Less
This is a campaign I was really proud to create. It deals with the young Italians immagration issue, wich has drammatically increased in the last years, due to the growing difficulties in finding a job, realizing our dreams, finding our place in the world. The problem is quite underrated and our politcs is taking this migration too lighlty and quiet. The characters of this campaign, are some really common italian people who have chosen to restart their lives again in London. We went there for the shooting, and we asked them about their choice, their new lives, we asked if they were regretful about leaving their homeland. "Bella Ciao" is a pretty relevant title for this campaign, because is the old song of the partisans who fought for free Italy from dictatorship in WWII. We turned over the meaning in a gloomy ending, trying to focus the audience attention on these theme. We've chosen to shoot the subjects in back portraits, the only thing we can see when our guys are leaving us. Good luck to you all italian guys around the world, we wish you all the best!
Advertising Agency: Diaframma, Florence, Italy
Creative Director: Stefano Ginestroni
Art Director:  Lorenzo Guagni
Copywriter: Lisa Cecconi
Photographer: Rocco Bizzarri
Hair Stylist: Mimmo di Maggio
"I'm leaving to see new things: salary, for instance."  (Some people in Italy do actually have a job, but usually their contractual conditions are miserable) 
"I deserve a country which know what DESERVING is." (Meritocracy in Italy is pretty a forgotten value)
"I know anyone abroad, but they told me my CV is enough" (Getting a job in our country its even harder if you don't have any kind of introduction)
"Don't call it an escape, courage is necessary." (Many people here think that if you'll leave the country, you're doing it because its the simple way to solve problems.The truth is that young people needs to be brave in facing a new life alone, far from home.)
"Italy is looking at the future. That is leaving abroad." (The silence of the government about this problem is quite alarming.)
"The problem is not leaving, is that we're probably not coming back." (Most part of people who leave, don't come back.)
"Italy has resources in abundance, but it is throwing them all away." (Italy should do something to keep all the young people in this country, not just ignoring the problem.)
For the title, a wooden stamp was ordered, and we asked all the people during the shooting, to stamp "BELLA CIAO" on their own campaign pics.
Then we chosed the best ones and finalized the lettering.
This is the video of the backstage and the interviews of the characters during the set, by the super talented Paolo Bischi.
Please, check out the awesome catalogue art directed by Camilla Catrambone, lovely collegue and amazing professional.