Direction and animation by Marvin Bratke, Alexander Grasser and Steven Wong.
Dance performance by Sara Di Santos.
Music support by Kling Klang Klong.
In collaboration with and for Motion Bank | Creative Coding Lab

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Syntax Error - Complete Animation
Syntax;Error is a  three dimensional, digital metaphor of a real life process influenced by the precision, rich detail, fine mechanism and energy. The digital tectonics mostly capture the fragility of a dancer's movement and therefore show the beauty of human inaccuracy in the syntax of a programmed dance sequence. The sculpture is a representation of individual human interpretation and implies the attributes that contrast human behavior from mechanical perfection.
Syntax Error - Short Edit
The project's intent is to deliver a message of space, change, behavior, reaction, movement and flows through matter materialization and results in a digitally augmented eclecticism. One material creates different tectonics that represent persistence and change at the same time, like one dancer subjectively interprets different the sound/music/directions in his/her performance.
Fractal Detail
Fractal Detail
Motion Sculpture
Geomtery Evolution
Processing Sketch
Syntax Error