Syntax Error
Direction and animation by Marvin Bratke, Alexander Grasser and Steven Wong.
Dance performance by Sara Di Santos.
Music support by Kling Klang Klong.
In collaboration with and for Motion Bank | Creative Coding Lab

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Syntax Error - Complete Animation
Syntax;Error is a  three dimensional, digital metaphor of a real life process influenced by the precision, rich detail, fine mechanism and energy. The digital tectonics mostly capture the fragility of a dancer's movement and therefore show the beauty of human inaccuracy in the syntax of a programmed dance sequence. The sculpture is a representation of individual human interpretation and implies the attributes that contrast human behavior from mechanical perfection.
Syntax Error - Short Edit
The project's intent is to deliver a message of space, change, behavior, reaction, movement and flows through matter materialization and results in a digitally augmented eclecticism. One material creates different tectonics that represent persistence and change at the same time, like one dancer subjectively interprets different the sound/music/directions in his/her performance.
Fractal Detail
Fractal Detail
Motion Sculpture
Geomtery Evolution
Processing Sketch
Syntax Error
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