Rooftop tours posters

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  • Are you one of those people who are chronically uncertain about what to give to your loved ones for Christmas? Do you feel that old flowers and chocolate stereotype already was worn out around the time when Armstrong won over Aldrin in rock-paper-scissors? Or maybe you’re tired of all those digital presents with not-that-smart smartphones and MP3 speakers that look like something between a pineapple and Yogi Bear’s unknown cousin? Not to mention all those tablets flying all over the place like modern boomerangs in a family friendly battlefield?
    Well, how about a rooftop tour in Stockholm inner city? Talk about a truly top gift.
    With simple and retro aesthetics I made these posters through Accidens on behalf of The posters are for communicative purposes carried out in two different languages and measure 70x100 cm. They will cover inner city Stockholm towards and during Christmas 2013.