"Stark Country" Email Newsletter Design
Stark Country HTML Email Newsletter Design
I created this as part of a series of HTML email newsletters to promote various writers and music formats for the website Radio-Info.com. "Stark Country" is the country format newsletter and was required to appeal to a modern, "web-savvy" country-oriented audience and could not contain any of the usual imagery typically associated with country: grunge, wood textures, yellow hues, cowboys, etc. This proved to be a design challenge I was able to overcome by associated the "city" in the skyline while preserving the playful attitude present in both the music and country industry in general. As an ode to the female author, Phyllis Stark, a little "skirt" was added as an additional flourish in the footer element. 

As of this writing the total subscription rate is over 2,300 for this bi-weekly publication.