Dwelling up|on the Dock
A multi-family dwelling in Superior, Wisconsin
This architectural design thesis explores how the cycles of families and seasons govern design and adaptive functionality of a dwelling.  The project is designed to adapt to suit real time needs of its occupants as mandated by family situation, weather, or other circumstances.

In the 1800's, Superior and Duluth (Minnesota) quickly grew with the rise of shipping along the Great Lakes.  The twin port cities were a gateway for eastern U.S. cities and even international countries to reach the heart of the Midwest through water.  As a result, several industries boomed, one of which was iron-ore.  The process involves mining this iron-ore in the region, transportation via train, then a transfer to a large lake freighter which then takes the iron-ore to other ports along the Great Lakes.

The dock  (1860' x 60') has been abandoned and out of service since 1970.  Large concrete columns remain structurally sound while the steel hoppers and tracks above are slowly decaying because of low maintenance.  Several docks like this one are scattered along the lakes and have been an integral part in each host-city's development.

This thesis proposes an alternative solution to dismantling this iconic structure with an adaptable residential dwelling that responds to user and environmental changes.

Programs used: Revit Architecture 2011, AutoCAD 2011, Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5
Birdseye of site showing the dock and three other docks reaching out to Superior Bay and Lake Superior in the background.
Entry to dock perspective.
View of dwelling cantilevered away from dock.
Interior perspective near vertical circulation core.
Longitudinal section perspective of dock.  Lower level accommodates vehicular circulation.  Second level utilizes Parry People Movers to bring residents/visitors to various points along the dock.  Third level is the residential and parks level.  Top level is open to public with walking paths and vegetation with views overlooking the city and lake.
Detail of vierendeel truss connected to existing concrete column using angle plates.
Transverse section of dwellings on dock.  Left side shows open dwelling.  Right side shows a dwelling for a larger family with the added module above.  Level two shows the circulation: People movers (interior) and covered walkways outside of dock structure.
Interior image of open dwelling.
Interior of dwelling with individual inhabitant.  Lightweight movable partition walls allow owners to create space they need and want.
Interior view of family dwelling.  Partition walls can be moved to added modules, accommodating the needs of a growing family.
Night view of dock entry.
Interior perspective on circulation level with Parry People Mover.
Highline level perspective with walking paths and vegetation between the existing concrete columns and add-on modules above dwellings.
Evening view of one of three parks, this located at the end of the dock.