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    Domo brand avatars.
Domo is a electronic and white/brown goods retail chain. Their tagline was "Domo. For your home". After a couple of years of traditional advertising they felt they needed something fresh in their communication. The solution was to create two very Kawaii cute characters. A cat and dog doing all kinds of funny stuff at home were the right solution coming from their tagline. And they even got their own names: Do, the dog and Mo, the cat.
Do, the energic and lively dog. 
Mo, the obviously lazy cat.
From the first sketches a lot of care was put into how they would interact with different products being advertised on outdoor or in TV commercials.
Sketches were nice and all but 3D became a completely different thing. The small cute eyes didn't function too well. So, step by step, we had to learn from the big guys and make real eyesockets, mouths, proper noses, etc. A lot of details like the cat's ears took some time to get it right.
We were almost there but something was missing to perceive Do as a dog. The final touch. The eye spot.
Domo logo with Do and Mo.
After some succesful campaigns they received a life of their own outside commercials and outdoor.
They became USB sticks, pillows, slippers, or children backpacks.