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PetChoy Rebranding

PetChoy provides delicious meal plans for cats and dogs in Saigon, Vietnam. Founders think pets should be served as their owners. PetChoy aims to educate and empower the pet-loving community with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of pets' nutrition and health.​​​​​​​ Since rebranding, PetChoy has been growing quickly with completely outstanding packaging on shelves.

Our approach is a complete transformation for local pet food brands to compete with international ones in visual and content direction, and target new customer types like urbanist and GenZ.


The new logo is a purely typographic design from TT Trailers with characteristic inktraps inspired by happy wagging tails. Combined with "pet's choice" and "pet's joy", we want to visualize the happy choice of a pet when knowing they're getting PetChoy for mealtime

Color Palette

Inspired by core ingredient colors: seafood, meat, chickens, and vegetables

Characters & Icons

To define from the cat and dog product line, we designed cat and dog characters minimally and brought them subtly into letter A’s negative space. Also, the icon set was designed solid and recognizable to easily differentiate between products


Taking PetChoy from a blank generic brand, TT Trailers was chosen by its great fitted personality, through inktrap, funky narrow shape design. Working closely with TypeType, we developed into TT Trailers Petchoy with happy tail-and-ear-inspired Vietnamese diacritical details. This approach brought more fun, exciting characteristics, and bold statements to distinguish the brand from the market.

Pairing with Fragen Italic for sub-headlines, VT323 for menu description, and Nunito for body content, the new font systematic approach elevated health and flavor strategy for PetChoy as customers expect

Bữa Ăn Tươi

The main pate product’s name (wet food) is changed from “Thức Ăn Tươi” to “Bữa Ăn Tươi” strategically to push brand vibe further into restaurant feel, making customer and their pet feeling more well-treated than feeling buying nutrition food.

Restaurant Ticket

The menu receipt for each flavor was designed as a high-end restaurant ticket combined with the usages of paws to hint at pet-wanted delicious food. This represents the meaning of high-quality, nutritious, well-prepared meals ready for every beloved pet. ​​​​​​


In contrast with the usual market standard, we took the packaging to a typographic-based layout that "Bữa Ăn Tươi'' becomes the main element, giving a strong message to define the product and distinguish PetChoy on shelves with others that use pet images. The paw and the dog/cat icon will describe what the product is for, complementing with restaurant ticket gives full information about the meal

Backside is usage instruction that provides steps of changing from old food, caution, storage instruction, and contact / social information of the brand.


Providing the essence of authentic selected raw materials and the joyful moments of PetChoy customers, and completing the brand vibe, we collaborated with Wing Chan & Thùy Dương for material styling photoshoot and lifestyle imagery.


Together with Haravan, we built a complete custom template for the online store following PetChoy branding style, making this become an easy shopping experience for pet owners, especially during the lockdown

Design firm M — N Associates
Creative Director Duy — NAnh Nguyễn
​​​​​​​Content Director Quân Nguyễn
Social Art Director Anh Phạm
Designer Quân Nguyễn, Anh Phạm​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Web Designer Anh Nguyễn
Producer / Project Manager Quân Nguyễn, M — Lan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TT Trailers Petchoy by TypeType
VT323, Nunito Google Fonts

Photography Wing Chan (Lifestyle / Food / Portfolio)
Stylist Meo Thùy Dương (Lifestyle / Food)
Digital Retoucher An Nguyễn

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PetChoy Rebranding
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