Heineken — For a Greener World

For a Greener World
Global campaign

In 2021 it's impossible to exist as a brand without taking actions towards a more sustainable status quo, especially if we want to preserve the world as we love it. 
Heineken is one of the biggest brands in the world so even a tiny little green action from them will have a huge impact on the planet.

We wanted to communicate all the sustainability efforts Heineken is doing to be a little greener everyday. On top of that Heineken has a name for being wit and provocative in its communication. So we avoided all cliches of sunsets, barley fields and wind turbines focusing only on one icon. Heineken’s iconic green bottle.

The Heineken bottles is where the brands green aspirations meet its social moments. 
It's reusable. It's recyclable. It carries sustainability inside and it's present in every moment of socialization. The green bottles became the key element of a 360 campaign, but not in a classical way. We created stills and short animations distorting and reinterpreting them to represent the 4 main pillars of the actions that Heineken is taking and match them with witty headlines in classical Heineken fashion.


Year: 2021
Role: Associate Creative and Design director

Solar energy

The beer in every Heineken bottle or can is brewed with 100% green energy, including solar. It was time to celebrate it.

Circular packaging

Heineken bottles are made from 90% recycled glass. Thinking at the number of bottles Heineken produces every year it's a staggering number. Heineken cans are also completely recyclable.

​​​​​​​Sustainable Barley

Up to 70% of the barley that’s used worldwide to brew Heineken is farmed sustainably.
By 2030 the gap will be closed and 100% of the barley will be green.

Wind energy

The beer in every Heineken bottle or can is currently brewed with 100% green energy, including wind. Quite normal for a dutch company, isn't it?

To complete the new visual language for sustainability we also developed a brand new photographic style to celebrate in a vivid way every green action Heineken is taking.

And to package everything in a special way we developed an endless immersive experience to inspire inside and outside the brand to take actions for a greener world.

Heineken — For a Greener World

Heineken — For a Greener World

For its first sustainability campaign Heineken hired us to create something different. Stereotypes and cliches of barley fields, farmers and sun Read More