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Advent Calendar #1 • Há no novo vida nova

Há no novo vida nova ("In the new there's new life", a play-on-words around the saying "New year, new life" that works only in Portuguese) leads us to the idea that we can find new life in something new. Thus, we thought it could be a good idea to explore an existing object, keeping its appearance, but turning its concept into something new.

Since this was made to celebrate Christmas and New Year's time, it could also be a good idea to mix a Christmas object with a New Year's idea.

Having all this in mind, the object is an Advent Calendar - related to Christmas - but, instead of chocolates, we have an objective or a "mission" for each day (e.g. smile to the other people in traffic) - when we celebrate the New Year, we often define objectives to achieve during the new year.

This way, the calendar tries to encourage people to do little actions that can make them happier during that day.

Below, you can check the list of 24 daily objectives:
1. Set up the Christmas tree with the family
2. Adopt a pet
3. Take my partner to the promised restaurant
4. Do not smoke during all day
5. Smile to the waiter at the café
6. Go to a theater play with the family
7. Prepare a session of board games for friends
8. Wake up early, and prepare breakfast in bed for my partner
9. Say "hello" and "thank you" to people
10. Tell a joke to the neighbor in the elevator
11. Tell my kids how much I love them
12. Book the promised trip
13. Go to a concert with the family
14. Leave home with family and friends with no destination or hour to return
15. Smile to the other people in traffic
16. Prepare a surprise dinner for my partner
17. Read an enchanted story to my kids
18. Leave a post-it with a positive message for to my work partner
19. Buy that promised book
20. Walk in the rain with no fear
21. Bake a chocolate cake with my kids
22. Spend the morning wearing pyjamas, in front of the fireplace, watching a movie with the family [parágrafo]
23. Leave Christmas' postcards in the neighbors, family and friends' mailbox
24. Make all these objectives a habit in 2014


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Advent Calendar #1 • Há no novo vida nova

Advent Calendar #1 • Há no novo vida nova

Há no novo vida nova (In the new there's new life) is the subject of a contest held by ESAD to commemorate Christmas time. My work is about an Ad Read More