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    This is my ap 2d design concentration portfolio. my goal ws to combine the idea of portraiture nd text nd in ome cases use the body as a canvas.
AP 2D Design Concentration Portfolio 2011

In my concentration Portfolio I combined portraiture and text to create balanced images. In some cases I actually used the human body as a "canvas".  I used a variety of media, from photography, to digital drawings and collages. In my pieces I conveyed emotions, judgements and characteristics of different people.

Hands          Collage/Painting
Facial          Digital Drawing
Missleading Sensations         Photography and Digital Editing
You          Photography
Transparent Truths          Mixed Media
I Make Myself               Photography and Digital Editing
The Closer You Look          Photography
Viszulizing Thoughts          Photography and Digital Editing
Simple Description          Photography and Digital Editing
Stuck Behind Your Image          Photography
Personal Possibilities          Photography and Digital Editing
It Makes You          Digital Drawing