Website - The Field Museum
The Field Museum's Plant Identification Tools website is a curated botanical collection of plant specimens from Central & South America. The site is accessible in 3 languages, serving scientists around the world. The collection includes 100,000+ high-quality digital images of live plant photos and herbarium specimens, covering more than 35% of all species in the neotropics.

Role: Graphic, UI Design, Front-End Development

Web Ads - HIMSS

Website - Most Motivated
Responsive, parallax design website featuring custom icons and PHP contact form for Most Motivated, a personal training and life-coach brand.

Role: Design, Development

Landing Page - All Tile & CCS
Bootstrap landing page announcing the merger of All Tile & Carpet Cushions and Supplies.

WordPress Blog - Self-Promotional
Role: Content, Email Design

Website - Biba
5 page Bootstrap site for all natural, luxury cosmetics brand, Biba.

Role: Design, Development

Email, Infographic, Landing Page - Perl Mortgage
I designed this infographic which was featured in Perl's monthly e-newsletter that I dispatched on behalf of the brand's loan officers. Launching just once via dynamic content within ExactTarget, the email was sent to 100+ unique lists, totaling 40,000 subscribers. Designed and developed the "Knowledge Center" microsite which also acted as the infographic's landing page (as shown in the above photo.)

Role: Infographic, landing page, and email design. Configured dynamic content, launched the email via ExactTarget.

Emails - Perl Mortgage
Responsive HTML emails created for Chicago-based lender, Perl Mortgage.
Role: Graphic Design, Email Development

Email - Self Promotional
Responsive HTML email and blog article, "How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns".​​​​​​​

Website - Dungeons & Decals
Dungeons & Decals was an Etsy store known for pop culture inspired vinyl decals for windows, laptops, cars, and walls. D&D was my side project in 2016.      

Role: Graphic Design, WooCommerce Theme Customization, HTML, CSS...
I learned vinyl cutting software and techniques, secured a small business license, designed the brand identity, and opened Dungeons & Decals on Etsy. I also did mockups & photography of all store items, designed as well as all store inventory of more than 250 decals, magnets, and clocks.

Email - Self Promotional
HTML emails and custom content, breaking down "The Worst Logos Ever".

Left - This more general email was sent as a monthly e-newsletter, formed by combining a few different yet related sections, with the email as an umbrella.
Right - Feature article for an email that was launched at a later date as part of an onboarding automation which introduces new subscribers to my existing content.

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