Sutairu wear

Corporate identity for a clothing store
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About the Client

SUTAIRU Wear is a limited-edition clothing brand that produces stylized clothes based on games and anime series.
The name of the store means “style” in Japanese. The main audience of the brand are young people who are passionate about pop culture, for whom self-expression and bright clothes are important. 

The Main Goal

The company already had a logo, so our task was to develop a corporate identity that will help the brand stand out in the market, moving away from the black-and-white color scheme common among competitors.

Since the brand is primarily focused on Asian pop-culture, our designers were searching for inspiration in Japanese hieroglyphs — especially the syllabic types of writing kana and hiragana — and gradients.

We have divided the corporate colors by season, so that the brand can alternate the colors of the identity depending on the time of year. The summer gradient is made in sunny, bright green and red colors. Autumn one consists of orange and rich yellow, winter is of cold colors: blue and turquoise, and spring is of dark pink and purple.

As in the games, SUTAIRU Wear items have different degrees of rarity: some products are made in a single copy, others — in several. To highlight the uniqueness of each product, the designers have developed additional gradients: blue and purple for ordinary products, platinum and gold for rare ones.

The grotesque GetVoiP became the main corporate font, and Manrope was used as an additional one. The style of the main font reminds us of the Japanese alphabet and looks impressive in the headings, while the additional font is a great fit for a product description or another extensive text.

In order for SUTAIRU Wear to conveniently brand media — for example, packaging boxes or tags on clothing — designers have developed a corporate pattern. Japanese hieroglyphic characters that form the word «style» were chosen for that purpose.

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Sutairu wear
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