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Michelob Ultra Hard Seltzer
Michelob Hard Seltzer
I was commissioned by Draftline/ Michelob Ultra Mexico to create a series of videos and stills for the launch of their Hard Seltzers in Mexico. I had great creative freedom to create a set of concepts to speak about the product´s attributes in my personal style. Together with the agency we brought to life in a practical way these executions. Light, Fresh, Transparent and Fruity: All these concepts shown through dreamy scenes playing with the colors and ingredients. 
Hope you enjoy to see a bit of the process behind this project and make sure you reach the bottom to see the BTS Video!
Product Attributes
As a commercial product based campaign I had to play with the Banding in the first 3 seconds of every film and in every shot for the stills campaign. The Michelob cans and the brand Ribbon were used in a playful way all through a series of sets and props to show them in an integrated way.
Through the use of liquids and ice we showed the transparency of the product and it´s fizzy nature. These elements were also used to support the actions and bring bubbly and interesting fruit splashes that interacted with light.
I had to feature the fruity flavors all through the films and this one was one of my favorite attributes to play with. The different fruits were hero elements in the actions and brought many of the most dynamic moments. 
I like to toy with concepts and here I had the opportunity to speak about Lightness in many different ways. Either the Michelob Hard Seltzer cans or the elements around were presented defying gravity.
The overall idea that comes across all the films and stills is Freshness, and it basically summarizes the language and aesthetic used in this campaign. Summer vibes, swimming pools, playfulness, bright colors and lights. The sets and mood speak about this attribute and the actions were thought to fit in this world that is also very aligned with my creative universe.
Color Palettes
I selected a specific color palette for every group of images. From the Family stills and videos that featured all the range of flavors to the ones that were focused in one of the four variations: Watermelon-Strawberry, Mango-Peach, Lemon-Cucumber and Spicy Piña. 
Behind The Scenes
See the process behind this project. A great crew was involved in making it possible across a full week of hard work on set. This is how the magic was done.

Director: Paloma Rincón
Production by: Fauna
Client: Michelob Seltzer Mexico
Agency: Draftline
Creative Producer: Martin Giudicessi
Executive Producer: Azul Crespo
Executive Producer: Jonás España

DoP: Emilio Valdés
Art Direction: Amilcar Espadas & Marta Moreno
AD: Marco Romano
Video Postproducion: Ricardo Cortés
Music / Sound Design: Bamba Studio
Stills Retouch: Diego Speroni
BTS images: Mini Rossi

Thanks so much for your appreciations! 

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Michelob Ultra Hard Seltzer