Toyota- Prius
Designed for Life
We have worked on a spot for the Toyota Prius, which makes a difference in your life with its finely designed smart details. The landscapes will draw you in throughout the journey and you will get lost in the colors just like us :) It has been one of the projects we enjoyed the most recently. The harmony of 2D and 3D techniques is a method we like to try. Enjoy :)
Animation Studio: Aniverse
Prod Comp: Lookout
Director: Ben Shirinian
Creative Director: Ahmet Iltas
Producer: Jared Cook
Art Director: Nurullah Öztürk
Design: Nurullah Öztürk, Ahmet İltaş
Lead Animator: Malek Baloochi
Animators: Malek Baloochi, Furkan Akçatepe, Emre Yaratıkol, Hasan Norozi
Toyota- Prius