The Happy Show: Cigarette Paper Mural
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    "Uselessness is Gorgeous" Cigarette Paper Mural created for Stefan Sagmeister's "The Happy Show: Chicago".
"Uselessness is Gorgeous" Mural
This is a mural is 72 ft long and ~10 ft tall and created for Stefan Sagmeister's "The Happy Show: Chicago". The maxim for this mural is "Uselessness is Gorgeous" and was created by cigarette papers, a material seemingly useless but transformed into something gorgeous. The cigarette papers are glued on using their glue edge and are free hanging at the bottom so that they can move when the fans oscillate. The typography design is meant to flow similar to the movement caused by the fan. 
The mural took two weeks to create, and used over 30,000 pieces of cigarette paper.
Featured On:
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Stefan Sagmeister 
ART DIRECTION: Jessica Walsh
TYPOGRAPHY DESIGN: Santiago Carrasquilla, Esther Li
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