braun 'systems' exhibition

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  • Braun systems exhibition curated by das programm
    Poster for 'sys­tems', an exhi­bi­tion of com­mis­sioned poster designs and ‘60s Braun prod­ucts curated by Das pro­gramm and pro­duced in asso­ci­a­tion with Braun. Thirty-four lead­ing graphic design­ers and stu­dios were invited to pro­duce a poster design on the theme of Braun sys­tems design.

    We’ve created a fictitious design machine from aesthetic and functional Braun elements. The design is based on a classical graphic system, adapted to a more contemporary language and personal approach. We’ve chosen a blender because it is an icon linked to the name of our studio. Other alternative posters are also presented here.
    You can buy our original poster here.
    Other alternative posters we've also worked:
    This proposal is a tribute to the 10 principles of good design by dieter rams. We've also animated the poster:
    Images of the exhibition at Walter Knoll London:
    systems exhibition list of participants:
    You can visit the official online exhibition here: