I am Anthony Mccann. I am Creative
I've recently had a rethink of how to promote myself as a designer and have come up with a logotype based on my initials A & M.
The 'am' identity can be used for many aspects of my brand to promote the different skills that I can offer and to reflect me as a person as well.
I am a graphic designer. I am a 3D designer. I am a father. I am fun. I am a rocker! I am constantly learning. I am Anthony McCann. I am creative.
This project has been fun but It has also shown me that I can be my own worst client! Change after change, second guessing myself. Is it good enough? Am I happy with this? But it has been a great learning experience & I will post up more soon.
I am interested to hear your thoughts.
Logo visual created in 3DS
CV design showing what 'I am'