... an ongoing artproject that resulted in several works presentations that started with the video/film 'Made in China' in 2012
'40 Titles'
40 books with 40 different (handwritten) titles in English and Chinese, coming from 40 different people. Part of an art project that started in 2012 realized as part of an interaction during an artist residency at the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, China.

First presented as part of the total installation in the Gallery of CEAC. Also on show during exhibition '40 Titles II', a large space filling total installation (Cacaofabriek, Helmond, NL, 2015) 
Photo: exhibition '40 Titles' in the Gallery of CEAC (Xiamen, China)
The Project
It started in 2012 under the title 'Made in China', with a video created as a monumental intervention for a public screen of the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, China. Then it got integrated into an installation in the public space of 's Hertogenbosch (NL) that same year. This inspired to more installations and objects and after en invitation by the CEAC the project went further under the name '40 Titles', after a special project carried out during the artist residency that took place in 2014, resulting in 40 artist books with 40 titles, given by people met during the stay in Xiamen. 
The exhibition
The presentation in the gallery of the CEAC was a total installation was a residue of the stay, build up out of several elements: Like for instance food packages, the box of the new stove that got installed in the studio appartment, pruning waste from the coconut trees standing in the main raod alongside the beach of the peninsula, garbage that the tide brought in and dropped on the tropical beach daily. But als furniture from the appartment, together with (digitally generated) video works and photographic works, as a result of long hikes through the 3 million people city and it's great amount of parks where people meet up. The main structure was created out of chinese clothes lines that I used for site specific public interventions. It's struture mimics the way temples are build up, taken the local city architecture in consideration, in which everything may coincide and is extendable for collective or individual needs. The exhibition adopted the way city gardening is implemented: sometimes recognizable and well structured, other times unrecognizable united in a seemingly unstructered environment. Doing so, even the office of the gallery and the equipment used became part of it. The construction was all about similarity and (ostensible) balance.
'40 Titles' (II)
Overview exhibition / total installation at Cacaofabriek, NL, 2015
Video: 'The Park', 2014-2015
'40 Titles II'
was a total installation that existed of rearrangements of existing works and objects in combination with new work and installations.
mixed media installation out of several components, 2015
'Made in China / print screen' ( 1/18) (Nr 1 photo)
digitallay modified screenshots printed on cotton / red sewing yarn /  A4, 2012
'Connected Landscape' (Nr. 4)
Nr 2: 'Made in China', video, 2012
'Fabric Dreams' (Nr. 3 ^)
digital drawing/photo, 2014
'The Columbarium' installation & 'Redscape' video
WATCH the VIDEO documentation of the installation HERE
Left/Back: 'The Columbarium', multi media installation, 2015
Right/Front: 'Redscape', video, 2014
'The Next Generation' 2.1
'Made in China / The Next Generation' multi media installation, 'Move' (II) sculptural installation, 'Red River' diptych
'The Next Generation' 2.2
Detail 'The next Generation' 2.1
Left/Front: 'Made in China / The Next Generation', multi media installation, 2015
Right/Back: 'The Columbarium', multi media installation, 2015
...video, photography, bamboo, ready mades, objects, spray paint, clothesline...
including 'The Non Communication Center' (satelite dish)
sculptural installation, first designed as a site specific installation @ Gallery 'Urinoir Bezet', Lonneker, NL, 2014
Construction of 2 washing racks, red clothes, egg tempera ( red earth), 2013
(WG Kunst, Amsterdam)

action / performance / video (I&II) / installation based upon the deconstruction of 'Move'
(photo: video installation (II) @ Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht, NL, 2014
melting ice object (water with pigment*) searching for the lowest point
- exhibition 'By the sweat of your brow' @ Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht 2014 -
*residue from 'Move-Deconstruct'
'Red River'
one of two (diptych), photo/perspex, A4, 2014-2015
'Made in China' ( installation )
installation: container, video, 90 KG of red clothes, audio2012
'Made in China' ( video )
Still / video 'Made in China', 11,07 min
The film is constructed of digitally modified images of 'The great wall' ( China), based upon photographs, 'made in China' ( tourists) and published on the Internet. This work was created for and presented on an urban screen by the Chinese European Artcenter in Xiamen City.
'Made in China / 100% Integrity' ( Installation )
'Roter Faden / Rode Draad' ( Leitmotiv) ( 1/12)
photography/perspex, A4, 2010
'100 % Integrity / To have and to hold'
A solidified act retained in superlight white modelling material. The object holds the action of it's creation and the imprinted words '100 % integrity'. It's part of a series of seven sculptures of that kind. ( 2013)
'Gold bar Rembrandt / 100% Integrity'
clay, spray paint, 2013
'VOC ducat 2013' ( unica)
clay, spray paint
digital/photograpy, print/forex,  136,2 x 80 cm, 2014-2015
'40 Titles'

'40 Titles'

Ongoing art project

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