On a nice Saturday afternoon - i attached my point and shoot camera to a platform I constructed and floated it high above the city taking photos using a time lapse script hack.  The top of the platform was connected to 14 balloons (2 3ft balloons, and a dozen regular sized ones), and the bottom of the plaform was attached to 500ft of Kite string that was wound up in a heavy duty reel.

This was a test run to see how high I could get using just a handfull of balloons.  I plan on taking more in Central Park in the coming weeks.  It drew a lot of attention and was featured in The Gothamist. To see a more complete write-up of the specs and trials of this project check it out HERE.
Me holding two 3ft Balloons and a dozen average sized balloons
This is a traffic triangle at the corner of Leonard, West Broadway and Varick in TriBeCa.  I love that he street sign looks like a palm tree
The shadows in the setting sun clearly define the shape and actions of the people below.  It looks like the foot of each shadow ends in a colored blog with no form
This was taken walking down 9th St.  I love the stark contrast
This shot is of a street vendor in Union Sq.  Ironically, she is selling her photography here
Traffic Patterning above Park Ave West