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Lost and Untitled
Lost and Untitled
This project was my final for Integrative Studio 1 class. Our task was to memorialize anything and for this project I chose to memorialize Lost and Missing Children. I was inspired by the movie, Lion, a true story, in which Saroo Brierley tries to find his family when he becomes an adult. The data and statistics in this project are taken from, a website dedicated to find lost and missing children.
The initial design of the project was to place three screen, like those LinkNYC screens, on three corners of a square and place a stool on the fourth corner. The screens would just show data and statistics of lost and missing children globally at once. The layout is made on Adobe Dimension.
The criques received by Professor Teale and Professor Osman helped me to improve my initial idea. As per their suggestions, I changed my idea from just displaying infographic to provide a journey to the viewers. First screen shows some statistics which invoke the feeling of sadness, second screen shows possible endings which invoke sympathy and mystery, third screen shows motivational stories and news, and the final screen shows positive videos of children who were found.
First Screen
The first screen shows statistics of missing children around the world with official sources.
Second Screen
The second screen shows some key facts about lost and missing children. 
Third Screen
The third screen displays some news about missing children cases from verified and established media outlets.
Fourth Screen
The fourth screen displays video of children who were found or some development in cases.
Since missing children is a global issue, I wanted my exhibition to be around the world. I am using Adobe Dimension to create the mockups.
Washington Square Park, New York City, U.S.
Piccadilly Circus, London, U.K.
Image Credits: Benh Lieu Song
Gateway of India, Mumbai, India
Image Credits: Mumbai Tourism
Lost and Untitled


Lost and Untitled