High West Whiskey
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    Hypothetical rebranding for a Utah distillery. Includes logo and packaging designs including whiskey labels
Sitting pretty downtown Park City, High West Distillery has been around for a several decades. It's the only place in Utah you can get the hard stuff on a Sunday, and good lord their campfire whiskey will blow your socks off. As a loyal customer I reached out to High West's Director of Marketing. I needed a project that would put me on the map as a designer. I literally designed these bottles to win awards (P.S. they did). The existing brand and packaging hadn't been touched since the 80's and was feeling a bit stale to me. When beginning this project I thought, let's make the drunk guy at the bar say "I want that one." So I flipped the branding on it's head, and started over, using intricate typography, a warm yet modern color scheme, and new brand kit. The craft of producing this whiskey is so complex, and the packaging needed to communicate that. Every one is made by hand and then refined digitally.