Flash Gadgets is a high-end contemporary gadget store that opens in shopping mall. They sell licensed gadgets, ranging from headphones, drones, games, fitness wearables, to speakers and phone accessories.

Design Obj.
To emphasize that their brand is offering high quality gadgets for the edgy new generation. Communicate with young adults to adults (age 18 - 35), people who persue digital lifestyle and have income to spend on high-end technological gadgets.

Brand Direction.
A high-end contemporary gadget store that sells licensed gadgets, and hope to connect the masses with the gadget world by creating digital lifestyle.
Concept / Idea.
The word ‘Flash’ represents edgy, luxury and electronic. In the logo, lightning bolt represents the word ‘Flash’, and alphabet ‘f’ represents the brand, ‘Flash Gadget’.
Headphones, toilet signs, games, photography, smart watches, backpacks, speakers, phone cases, mobile accessories, modems and tablets, audio sunglasses, stairs, computers.

Business cards, envelope, folder, receipt, letterhead, invoice, purchase order.
Flash Gadgets is proposed to expand their business by opening outdoor retail shop at “busy city area”, such as Bukit Bintang area, to expose to wider customers. The entrance is using both LED screens to show their confident & premium.

Flash Gadgets comes out with their original earphones called “Flash Evo Wireless 600X”, with their 3 brand colors, Dashing Blue, Twilight Black and Pearl Grey. The earphone cover is designed with the logo symbol. We play with the logo shape and apply it between the cap and the body.
Tape & Carton box.
The blue stamp will be put on the tape to mark as ready for delivery and put on the carton box to tell that the information is confirmed. Meanwhile, it created a modern and impactful art direction for the brand.

Additional Items.
The newsletter is published to showcase every on-going events or feature new products.
The membership card is created for providing exclusive offers or rewards in the form of loyalty points that customers can exchange for other products
The gift bag will be given to Flash Gadgets members when they earn a certain number of points.
The 2022 Calendar is created with concept - Record Your New History in 2022.

2022 Calendar.
The concept of the calendar is Record Your New History in 2022, which aim to inspired people to start their new journey and adventure in 2022. The calendar design is inspired by cassette, we make the overall design looks trendy and modern to emphasize the message of offering modern lifestyle to new edgy generation. The calendar also contain life quotes to brighten up people’s 2022. The life quotes are related to gadgets and created with interesting graphic.

The delivery crew will be required to wear a grey hoodie to perform a sporty impression. 
The face mask is designed because wearing face mask is a new norm due to Covid-19 pandemic.
The t-shirt is used for staff uniform.

Flash Gadgets

Flash Gadgets