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    An article on the abusive form of offering design contracts by the few who don't care about visual communication in Nigeria
It’s a painful phenomenon when at this day and age, with search engines, social media sites and design galleries, Nigerian decision makers still resort to annoying referrals to award design and creative briefs. Why won’t we assume it all relates to corrupt forms of issuing contracts?
Nigeria witnessed a change in the creative landscape when multinationals started businesses in Nigeria and built marketing campaigns on either creatives from their global advertising campaigns or outsourced designs to foreign designers. This trend gradually diminished when Nigerian designers began polishing up their skills and rising up to demands for world class designs. Even though some designs are still outsourced, most campaigns today can claim proudly Nigerian, not just in ideas but also in design. 
This changing landscape also allowed brands to explore and be open minded regarding style and execution as long as it remained relevant and sold their products.
With the obvious changing landscape in quality of production and designs coming out of Nigeria it’s unfortunate that our own leaders cannot harness and consult real talents to come up with strong, emotional and lasting design collaterals for major events and programs that are meant to build a strong Nigerian tourism brand. 
I honestly don’t understand why we can never get it right when it comes to design here in Nigeria. Do decision makers only see this as a ploy to sign and issue cheques? Do they understand that perception is actually built by what you see? 
I recently saw the branding created for the re-introduction of the so called National airline carrier, no jokes, I actually fell sick (literarily). As I began addressing the issue by writing this article, my head started pounding. So I postponed the writing article and till this day to avoid killing myself for another’s mistake. 
I compared the current branding to that of Nigerian airways of 1980 and wondered if there was a committee or actual approval process for designs that are meant to be showcased to the world as officially ours. Maybe the designer thought he was creating a bus branding for a Nigerian event mascot.
Nigeria is a nation of Strong diverse black proud people. Although it’s difficult to find a point that actually synergizes all culture and tradition, there is one thing that makes us who we are, the colour green white green.


Now regarding the brand name of this carrier, I’ll give a big shout out to the decision makers cause the Name Nigerian Eagle just rolls of your toungue like a proud chant and stays with you.
My Attempt
Here I merged the flight of the eagle and the stripe of the Nigerian colours to come up with this logo. 
I tried adapting the initial Nigerian airways type but looking for something slimmer and more modern.
And here’s my attempt on the look and feel.
I wish I could go further in creating a whole brand book and CI but hey, I need to get back to work.
Note: I'm not implying this could be the best attempt towards creating an Identity for a National Carrier but I needed to contribute my own quota before I openely critique someone else's hardwork.
Warm regards Nigeria and share this so certain perceptions of visual identities would be understood by the few who don’t care.