This project focus on strong design oriented agenda the crossbreeding of industrial landscape and architecture. Infrastructures often occupy remote locations – “the edge” or the undergrounds of a city, creating an almost invisible complex interconnected network of services and facilities which our contemporary urban life style is based and dependent on. One is perceived as light, beautiful and lively; the other is considered as dark, sinister and smelly – necessary but unwanted, hidden and isolated from the city’s organism.
In responce to the heavy mass production and the sales of DIY product in our society, The Ikea park intended to explore spaces generated from the mixed programme of heavy industry and nature, whilst allowing this production spaces to be used by the public. The nature of the planting and harvesting has generated a sequential space affected by the play of growth. At the same time the final product of this manufacturing line is mean to contradict the the production of large amounts of standardized products.