SunRoof animation
Motion Graphics
After Effects

SunRoof mission is to transition the world into sustainable energy by creating future technology enabled solar power for everyone. Choosing a solar roof can change not only your house, but also the future of our entire planet. It is a step towards a world free from coal-based energy. A symbiotic relationship between humankind and nature.

The main idea of animation was to present a vision of a modern world, powered by solar energy, but without giving up a good design. The color palette is limited to grays and bright yellow - inspired by brand colors. Yellow is the representation of solar energy, grays create the atmosphere of the scene, depend what kind of mood was needed. Illustrations are simple to let the viewer focus on importance of the message. Everything is combined with dynamic, surprising transitions, created in 2D and 3D technique.

Client: SunRoof
Script: Maciej Karolczak
Storyboard & Illustration: Julia Hanke
Sound: Robert Ostiak

SunRoof animation