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- TRACK 2021 -

TRACK is an experimental film about a video creation tool, JIANYING (CapCut)
We wish to promote the new powerful features in the product and the new brand value through the film. 

TRACK means the deconstruction and reorganization of different tracks in video creation. It represents the uniqueness of everyone's experience from different lifestyles. It also represents the power of multi-dimensional functionality of JIANYING (CapCut).
Wish you like it.

The purpose of this film is to present the possibility of creation, everyone can edit and reconstruct these multiple universes by their unique work.  Like one of the classic lines in the < Interstellar > :

' Time is relative. It’s relative to where you are, 
what you do, and who you are waiting for. '

Creating is extraordinary. 
Everyone is able to create exciting and imaginative video to record life moments by JIANYING(CapCut) in an easy way.

In the film-making process, we constantly explore more possibility of storytelling. Therefore, in the animation, we have referenced some classic film shooting techniques and scenes, which have been used in the video to introduce the functions in JIANYING (CapCut). 

< Experiment Process >
In this project, we used Marvelous/Houdini to design a specific style of cloth for the animation, we also simulate the real person running animation and broken animation. At the same time, we used alembic animation to make a mix of play and backward play effects. We trying to push the limits of ourselves and bring a better visual effect to the audiences.

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