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    Art direction : Thijs Biersteker photographer : Lacy Set building : Rachel Thomas, Anna Burns , Helen Musslewhite
Every message brings us closer.
Global campaign introducing the E5 an C3 phones 
To enforce the messaging message we used one of the oldest messaging
materials availeble, Paper.  All the sets are hand crafted.
Create a real book from the messages between
you and your best friends.
Every message brings you closer.
The whole book is automated. But ofcourse you can edit.
You can select the messages you want to keep or delete in the book and change color and shapes.
Some want to have more messaging books, some have more bff or some just like to keep them digital.
All your messages are stored at  the digital libary
Ordering your hard copy is as simple as taking the book from the shelf and putting it in the box.
Within 3 weeks its printed in your hands.