I created this animation for J3ZZ progressive music composition. The aim was to translate visually the complexity and fluidity of the sound. I mostly uses Procreate for the cell animations and pull it together in After Effects. i even filmed the ink drops to give it an extra touch.

It was a complex work but worth every minute of  this collaboration. Please share your thoughts. We would really appreciate it!
I was aiming for a hand drawn, fluid look and created many different textures, filmed a few ink drops falling on a wet paper.
I created the bird's movement with frame by frame animation in @Procreate than imported them into After Effects.
The storyboard was more like a general guideline than a step by step plan.
If you have any questions I would be glad to answer so just reach out to me!
Track available online: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/j3z...
Directed and animated by Sengsavane Chounramany

Thank you for watching!
Music Video -Ex Nihilo
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Sengsavane Chounramany