I had to create an affordable but elegant design for the packaging for the latest product offering from ATTO Technology, Inc., the new line of Desklink Devices. Since we were unable to print directly onto the boxes, I created a pair of cardboard sleeves that the product boxes could be slipped into, one for the ThunderLink models and another for the ThunderStream models. Another requirement was that somewhere on the packaging the difference between individual models be called out, as there are variants of both ThunderLinks and ThunderStreams. I created a pair of stickers for each model, one containing the technical specifications of the model and the box's contents, and another for the barcode and serial number stickers. There was a third sticker added later (not featured in the photos) for multiple language requirements set by Apple, Inc., so the product could be sold in Europe. The sparse white design was intentionally modeled after Apple's branding, as it was to be featured on Apple Store shelves and on the Apple website as well.
Created in InDesign, with touchups in Photoshop and logo design in Illustrator. ThunderLink/ThunderStream logo design is credited to Ryan Wilson.