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How To Choose An Influencer Marketing Agency
How To Choose An Influencer Marketing Agency
The interest in marketing through influencers has soared over the last few years, so has the number of agencies who promise to help brands get it done. In addition, finding influencers, screening them and briefing them, signing agreements with them, remuneration them and then making sure they fulfill their duties is a lot of work. So it's not surprising that brands want to outsource this task to professionals.

Next, you need to determine which one to choose from the numerous generalist and specialist agencies that claim to help. Here are eight guidelines that can help you separate the professionals from the novices and make your search easier in finding the ideal influencer agency. joe intellifluence is the top platform for influencer marketing.

Joe Intellifluence Experience

Influencer marketing is close to 15 years old at this point So, many agencies have a lot of knowledge. Asking for case studies relevant to your business and the outcome you want to achieve (e.g. traffic to websites or in-store sales) is enough. This is a great place to begin building relationships with others.

Criteria to Select Influencers

Back then the process of finding an influencer typically was about finding someone who had created content related to your industry and also who seemed to be a good fit for the brand sinkwitz intellifluence. It is now possible to examine the composition of audiences for influencers to determine whether they are a good match for the brand. We can look at the saturation rate of their posts -- which is how much of the posts they write that are sponsored -- to make sure that it's not excessively high. We can check whether they've mentioned rivals recently in their content. We can determine whether their language is safe for brands or not.

With so many advanced filtering systems in use today, using "brand fit" just isn't acceptable.

Criteria for Content Evaluation

Over the last couple of years, our influencers have produced many thousands of pieces of branded content. We discovered that every piece of content is different. It's not surprising that some content works and others don't, just like content created by brands or their creative agencies.

With the range of performance How does the agency evaluate each piece of content after it goes live to measure performance?

Content should be evaluated according to the organic results it has in terms of comments, likes or shares However, it's equally important to examine the comments you leave to be on the lookout for indications of inauthentic, off-topic or even paid comments.

Targeting Strategy

An agency that's simply offering to locate, brief and manage influencers for a company isn't providing much value to the modern marketing mix.

The content that they create organically is seen by a small subset of users (usually approximately 9 percent according to our experience, but this may vary based on the social media platforms being used).

What strategies does the agency employ to ensure that the content is reaching the appropriate people? The content that is highly effective as assessed in Step No. 3. This content is able to be further improved through an advertising strategy to reach the appropriate people.

Measurement Strategy

This subject merits an entire article on influencer marketing measurement. The most fundamental question to influencer-marketing agencies is how they calculate impressions of the content. Are they counting one impression for each follower an influencer has? Based on the estimated organic reach of 9 that means they are exaggerating reach by over 10 times. Are they able to report only on the true content?

Furthermore the reach and engagement rate correlates with sales, so measuring engagements and impressions is not enough. What other business metrics could an agency use to measure other in addition to other metrics that are not considered vanity? There are many advanced measurement methods available right now. These methods can be used by a variety of agencies.

Optimization Strategy

Many influencer campaigns depend on influencers composing their content according to an established schedule, and then monitoring for changes. But every other form of marketing that is digitally-based is optimized, usually daily, to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.

Marketing for influencers can be optimized too and everything from content to post types to the way we target influencers and even their profiles changing as we change. What is the strategy of optimization for the agency?

Content Rights

Brands are investing significant funds into this type of content. Different agencies negotiate various agreements with influencers regarding the rights that the brand is granted to that content. The best option is to get brands granted a perpetual licence that permits them to reuse the content on all platforms. Ask the agency what rights your brand has with respect to the content produced.

Guaranteed Results

In the end, what results can the agency promise to their brand clients, if any? Are they guaranteeing deliverables, like the number of influencers and the number of pieces of content to be produced? Are they guaranteeing more than that, such as the amount of traffic that will be directed to a particular website? What is the consequence if they don't meet these promises? What options are available to the brand?

While guaranteeing sales is extraordinarily difficult in most agencies, influencers are expected to be able guarantee certain specific outcomes around true views, engagements, or even web traffic.


It isn't easy to pick an agency since they all are the same. When you begin the conversation by using these eight key criteria, you should be able filter through the options to identify the most suitable subset to yield results that are positive for your brand.
How To Choose An Influencer Marketing Agency

How To Choose An Influencer Marketing Agency


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