I.D Collective. October 29, 2021

Abdulnur Akyüz | 28.10.2021
Friday, October 29th marks the 2nd anniversary of I.D. Performative Collective, an art collective founded by Colombian artist Monica Quijano & I, and aim to connect people through Performative Arts. The establishment of the collective came after weeks of discussions and a lack of understanding by many institutions of our recent work, which has always shed light on social and political problems in our countries. After noticing that our voices are not being heard, we decided to create "I.D" to become an Art platform to communicate with individuals through arts.
I.D. Performative Collective 2nd anniversary, Freedom (2021).
Virtual Spaces and Converstations, Abdulnur Akyüz, 2021.
Mapping realities, possible worlds and ourselves, a collaborative project -Preliminary Stage-.
(from September 16th to November 26th 2020)
                The recognition and eventual representation of a territory or particular place defined within parameters, borders, imaginaries and needs is what brought us to the point of defining this preliminary research stage concerning the primary conceptual development of our further work as a “mapping”. Taking into account the particularity of our team (two people connected through the virtual locus of internet and social media) we wanted to develop an in-depth observation of these new approaches to the building of spaces by means of social dynamics and interaction, still not closing the risks, opportunities and challenges but considering them an integral part of an almost experimental undertaking characterized (yet not necessarily determined) by the pandemics’ confinement that took global perspectives to a point of singular expression hardly ever reached by any other occurence within living memory. For this we’ve sought for ways to recollect insight and ideas from our life experiences and the exchange with other fellow artists’ callings, meetings and projects, as well as the permanent revision and discussion of the instances we intend to promote in this learning process.

Migrations (stage 1, survey mode)
This stage began on december 18th and was carried out until january 31st. It gathered 55 participants from 19 different countries and different age groups. It aimed to create strategies for an open participation in the next stages.
The project launch included a survey where we invited artists and creatives from any disciplines to share some brief reflections and data regarding identity constructs, creation and resistance, starting with the triggering notions of the gender perspective, diversity, conviction and belief, the views of Land and territory, from where our participants could develop their own personal suggestions (intersectional, curiosity, multiplicity, subjectivity, social transformation, systems thinking) :

Launching a survey as a resistance strategy can look a bit counter-intuitive, isn't it?
The idea is we try to understand those normalized mechanisms of what has been imposed upon us as an "identity" to find ways of transforming our own imaginaries and the connections we form with others.
Welcome to our 2nd stage, SITUATIONS!
During 2020 we actively engaged in exchanges with fellow creatives in order to connect and share our ideas and experiences. For 2021 we are ready to create and develop strategies for open collaboration where connecting, linking, exchanging and manifesting will be the core of a participative project.

Our survey mode "migrations", which took place from December 2020 to January 2021 is finished! With a participation from 19 countries (from Africa, Asia, America and Europe), this survey is core to a process of open participation leading to a collaborative project. After collecting and analysing the survey results, we are now focusing on the development of communication and sharing strategies for collaboration, exchange and circulation. We invite you to join us from 13 February to the end of March in this new and exciting journey!

We've come to conclude the preliminary stages of our first collective launching, where body, horizons, and ways of perceiving, living and creating reality and territory will be protagonists. Despite all the restrictions and mismatches of this particularly complex period in time (a pandemic situation far from being over and its sociopolitical effects), we’ve undertook the challenge to seek for ways to keep connecting, creating and sharing. We are inviting anyone who wants to experiment the collaborative project we’re developing right now, and we want to know from you!

Take an in-depth look to this still upcoming project that focused on the narratives, content development and circulation of stage 3 from April to June 2021, starting the exchange with our "Improbable Talks", which consisted of one-on-one talks and a discussion panel.


" Since this has always been an independent and experimental project, we as a collective have been testing and developing strategies of communication in order to create future stages where we will be experimenting with different formats discussing the ones most often used for the arts. "

Rebuilding Connections, Abdulnur Akyüz, 2021.
As seen in the survey's results, the main motivators for our participants were a personal sense of satisfaction, as well as the possibility of exchange; we want to develop this further and thought of starting with the most basic, kind of still stereotyped yet meaningful exchanging method, which is that of talking. We want to invite you to participate in what we've named "Improbable Talks" because they are somehow random, with unknown yet likely enough, really interesting matches from a variety of origins, occupations and views on life.The dynamics of the talks are as simple as they may: there will be a main topic that can be freely developed by both participants.Nur and Mónica will just be moderators and in charge of the good functioning of the talk, as well as translations. The topic will deal with our core focuses on IDENTITY (AS BUILT WITH OTHERS), CREATION AND RESISTANCE. And it can be developed from the perspectives each participant thought was the leading one to answer to "migrations" survey; anyhow there are no limitations, we want these to be open and reflective.

[We are committed with making the best use of all material and data shared with us. With the purpose of creating spaces, and making possible the visibility and circulation of the project and its participants, we need you to accept all the material (video recordings, texts, artistic works and shared pieces) can be posted in our sites, social media networks and channels, giving you the due credits and copyrights. We'd like to know you, not necessarily your job or academic/social goals. Feel free to speak about your passions, worries, favorite colors or flavors and what describes you best from your inner/outermost perspective in a brief paragraph. Send us some of your most representative/recent works to make your presentation before the talk starts.]

Let's talk about serious, and not so serious stuff with a great imperfect match!

Land and Territory: Thinking of identity constructs, creative processes and the artistic experience as a resistance place, our dear participants will reflect upon plural visions in terms of Land and territory, what is it that gives us a sense of belonging into a wider reality, towards horizons of equality and respect.
Peter de Reuver (Netherlands) x Silvino Gonazlez (Colombia)
Intersectional: We are open to interdisciplinary collaboration and research, in the views of expanding the practice honoring its character and possibilities as a direct manifestation of body and life. Thus, we're actively seeking for collaboration and project implementation, developing as well as fostering narratives and artistic processes, and eventually figuring out strategies for circulation and exhibition.
Allia Sadeghipour (Iran-USA/Berlin) x Sebastian Lopez (Colombia)
Other_otherness: From identity constructs, creative processes and the artistic experience as a resistance place, we will discuss now conviction and belief either as beacons or stumbling blocks towards communal goals, and the foundations of plural manifestation, challenging prejudice to favor vision. Let's discuss the Other as "a constituting factor of the self-image (Being in relation). A condition for reality." The opposing yet correlating forces of the inner self (the inner difference and marginalization of the Other).
Gender and plurality: Taking as a core the notions of IDENTITY, CREATION AND RESISTANCE, our dear participants will discuss from a plurality of perspectives about our structural relation to Earth as one relevant approach to understand resistance along with a sense of integrity and belonging. There's no way to be without reflecting into each other, to embrace the world and its realities.
An Art and Science dialogue: Algunas estrategias de resistencia pueden parecer un poco contraintuitivas, ¿no? La idea es que tratemos de entender aquellos mecanismos normalizados de lo que ha sido impuesto sobre nosotros como "identidad", para encontrar modos de transformar nuestras propias imágenes e imaginarios y las conexiones que formamos con otros (humanos, no humanos, en sistemas de intercambio y relaciones). ¡Ayúdennos a construir esto! 
Cristian Pinzon (Colombia) x Rocio Romero (Colombia)
Sense of diversity: Diversity brings us together across borders, where identity is understood as created with others, in a face to face encounter. Our dear participants and us keep on multiplying perspectives on subjectivity and social transformation, in the midst of uncertainty, opportunities, ways of living, creating and sharing!
B. Ajay Sharma (India) x Abdulnur Akyüz (Turkey/Beirut)
Do we understand the world?

The isolated nature of the “modern artist” is questioned in the invitation of the social and spiritual agencies, the co-creative space of art; this specially thinking of the evident difficulty of the visual arts in terms of “approaching” the public-audience-community-the co-creator in the making. While, for instance, music or theater have succeeded in such outreach, in-and-from their more traditional forms, the apparent hermetical, reclusive and lonely character of the plastic work raises the spectre of an anxiety, a doubt (what we try to bring about with curiosity and openness). It’s not just about the symbolic value that the insertion and legitimation of the “artwork” poses finally as the main concern of today’s artist, but rather the hybridizations, signaling possible horizons/destinations. We'd like to test ways of articulating art and an integrated bodily-spiritual awareness where performance takes a main role.

[OTHERNESS-learn-everyone-means-you… The pandemics’ sociopolitical disorder, global-trauma featured-from-confinement, the media-terrorism, unsustainable historical commitments. Speaking of, what’s been of HISTORY? We’re in presence of a time/space less-and-less traceable, MEMORIES disjoin obliterated by bio-techno-economies with absolutist-imaginaries. Is it possible a-E-SCAPE in such conditions? Which is the INTERFACE for these new representations? Or rather the subversive, radically-other-and-paradoxical-SCREEN, from where we may emit that suggestion/dialogue/invention/that-attempted-creation?]
Mónica Quijano

Writen and edited by Monica Quijano
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[Nuestro proyecto colectivo participó del Dispositivo de intercambio asincrónico en "Explora decolonialidad", Exploratorio Prácticas de resistencia y decolonialidad en artes y educación, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, junio 2021.] - [Our project participated from the Asynchronous device of exchange at "Explora decolonialidad", by Exploratory of resistance and decoloniality practices in arts and education, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, junio 2021.]


We'd like to deeply thank all dear participants who made possible this enriching and stimulating experience that has been vital for widening and strengthening the views of a collective project!


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I.D Collective. October 29, 2021