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    Style Channel, which is an every-month night club fashion show event, needed a refresh and some sort of new target group and media boost. So I had these sarcastic poems about local famous people, and it seemed like a god opportunity to put them to use. You know turn it into a fashion show + give a little tribute to Henry Holland who's also famous for his silly poetry.

    Henry Holland Groupie is a worship and fan-project that turned into a collection that turned into a campaign. These shirts are design-wise inspired by his One trick Pony set, yet all the little poems are replaced with estonian poems about local media stars. Happily no-one was angry with me and some shirts where straight forward ordered by subjects themselves, never made any profit for myself tho the boost was great.

    Photographer: Sadu-Triste Juurikas
    AD/stylist/collage Helene Vetik (oh that's me)