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    Drawings, paintings and designs
An white paper origami crane. Study of color value. In grayscale, the origami crane appears to be properly lit. 
Mood drawing of a space. The space was initially designed in Google Sketchup; projected onto a large shett and color and light subsequently colored in. 
Sculpture design outside of Langford C Architecture Building. Using the orthographic drawings in the grid above, the goal was to render the proposed drawings as an object in correct 3D space/perspective. 
Technical design for a flying machine with limited materials in a specific environment. 
Labyrinth drawing of Systems Building. 
Two toned rendering of the architectural mashup of the Systems Building. 
Notan design, western theme. All the pieces were cut out from that 12x12 inch black construction paper with exacto knives and glued on with precision. 
Practice sketch.
Two different approaches to self portrait.
Watercolor impression of my cat, Pippin
Progressive drawing of a photograph; light study, finishing with a Bas relief
More concepty, unreferenced drawing