2013 RSA Student Design Awards brief
Design a way for people to increase everyday behaviours that build mental well-being. 
Share Street is a social iPad app encouraging people to come together to learn or improve at different activities, as well as helping others by sharing knowledge. 
Taking the lead from its name, Share Street has been designed to feel like a residential street, including elements such as street signs, front doors, doormats and brickwork. The idea was to create a neighbourly, friendly and welcoming feel, which has been achieved through the use of bright colours and illustration. 
The app experience begins by asking you to select one activity you’d like to improve at and one you feel you are good at. Activities can include anything from baking through to bee keeping. Front doors then appear on your street relating to each activity. Tapping on each door allows you to enter that room to get together with the group to discuss when you will meet to practice the activity. The rooms have been styled with picture frames and patterned wallpaper to give the idea of being indoors. 
The groups are created based on location. On entering your location details the app automatically adds people to your groups from within a certain distance who have all selected the same activity. 
Through using the app, people who may be suffering from mental illness will be encouraged to be creative, learn something new and become absorbed in the flow of an activity. The app also takes into account the commercial perspective as the rooms can all be sponsored by a different company relevant to that activity. 
On first opening the app you are presented with a short explanation about
the app and are given the option to login or sign up.
This screen shows your 'home screen' once you have added activites. The numbers on the doors show the
number of people in that group and the door mats each have an icon representing that activity.
The letterbox shows when there are conversations happening behind that door.
When you open a door into a room you can see who is part of that group. The icon for that activity create a patterned wallpaper and picture frames are used for menu items, sponsorship and group members photographs.
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