Inspirational 13 - Open Titles
The Inspirational Festival suggested to us to do the opening titles for the event.
The challenge was to obtain images through the creative process. Starting with the absolute vacuum, through various negative phases that we go through, such as fear, confusion, over time, pressure or frustration. All of them, often necessary, which together function as parts of a great machine that will give us the desired inspiration.
Direction and Art Direction: South and Island
Audio Production and Recording: Flow Audio
Piano Performed: Santi Escura
Character Design: Jorge Tabanera
Technical Support: Juanjo Bernabéu
Character Animation: Camilo Guamán
Modelling: Alfredo Rocha, Jéssica Lorenzo
Special Thanks: Ana Raya, Carmen R. Mazo, Pablo Calzado, Douglas Áxel Samaniego
In collaboration with Grey Group
Inspirational 13 - Open titles