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  • Smart + Para ti
    "Smart + For You"
  • This video was the winner of the 1st place of the 9th Smart Creativity Contest organized by Mercedes-Benz. 

    The goal was to make a video that highlights the values ​​of the brand , taking the current concept of urban mobility , aimed at a young audience with a socioeconomic level C , C + .
    The cube is a purist figure, dynamic, which is associated with perfection and intelligence.
    Smart is the ideal car for the city , environmentally friendly ,versatile, that fits in anywhere.
    By uniting these elements is how this concept is born. A cube that represents different sides of Smart qualities. The streets in motion represent urban mobility and the combination of these parts represents the fusion of the benefits of using this car.

    The sides of the cube represent different sides of Smart and the street intersections are connected to form a sign " +".
    + Urban: It is an ideal city car.
    + Ecological: It is friendly to the environment.
    + Efficient: It is versatile and fits in anywhere.
    + Possibilities: The combination of these features allow you to do more.
    + For you.
  • Ideation Process.
  • 3D Modelation
  • Clay 3D model.
  • + Urban.
  • + Ecologic.
  • + Eficient.
  • Thanks for watching!
  • Este proyecto es propiedad de Mercedes-Benz México, S. de R.L. de C.V. todos los derechos reservados a Mercedes-Benz México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
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