Cloud Massage Gun

This is a massage gun for the female market, designed by the suosi design for the startup brand "DUBAI", and was launched a few days ago.

The design team deconstructed the semantics of the traditional massage gun to find a more cute, close to life and communicative symbol from a female perspective - Clouds. Clouds represent softness and comfort, and it is a great choice to use it as a semantic design for massage products. We also designed three different massage accessories according to different massage gun use scenarios:

Mushroom - whole body muscle relaxation
Cactus - for cervical spine problems
Pine - massage the palms of the hands or feet

Cloud massage gun and several massage accessories make a cute set to build a young and cute image for the startup brand "DUBAI".

Project / Cloud Massage Gun
Client /  DUBAI
Category / Massage Gun
Date / 2021​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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Cloud Massage Gun