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    mw design group llc's modern interpretation of landscape design for an estate in Devon Pennsylvania.
Version one of privacy screens approved for master plan
With our recent weather changes here in the North East these divots around the property turned into rivers post soil being stabilized and corrected per township requirements by builders contractor.In cold wearther the water would freeze above and below driveway drain which created dangerous conditions. I urged my clients on several occasions to contact the builder or original erosion contractor and a have a on-site township Egineer meeting to provide direction and document the needed corrections and process.
Several day's were spent cleaning the property of broken concrete and construction debris left so we could safely begin installing our plant materails.
The main divot across the front lawn of the property concerned me greatly.I urged the client to address this following township protocal as with each rain and snow melt the issue worsened.
At clients request a second option for a privacy screen concept were designed and rendered.
A third version was requested,designed and rendered.This version was submitted for permtting to the township and the permit was approved and aquired on the clients behalf.
As phase one landscaping rest for winter we prepare for permitted driveway wall to complete phase 1 and move into pricing,permit drawings and approval of the following phases 2 & 3 at customers request we provided pricing and held time on our schedule.Unfortunately unresolved water run-off remained and a township engineer meeting on site pointed out several soil stabilasation provider requirements that were not corrected properly by the contracted party to our satisfaction.The township engineers suggestions and changes required a Engineers's espertise and stamped drawings to allow our work to continue safely was not recieved well by the clients.
Unacceptable leaving a dangerous chunk of cement dangling from a piece of rebar with small children living and playing around.mw design group llc allways acts on clients behalf to provide discovery and it's due deligence,and most of all a safe workplace for both client and contarctor.
Prior to township shutdown after we spent day's clearing the property of stone,concrete and debris left by the builder.The water issues clearly needed to be adressed.I inforned the clients that this work needs to be provided by a drainage /soil stabilty expert.
Unfortunately water issues persisted although covered over by the soil stabilsation contractor.Heavy rain continued to create divots and flow across the property in rivers at several locations.
Freeze thaw issues that remained created cracks along the new curb and very dangerous conditions when water froze on the slope of driveway above and below the existing drain.mw design group llc met personally with the township Engineer and officials and urged the client to consult with a soil stabilsation/Engineer/drainage expert after recieving the townships findings on several occasions.
mw design group llc will continue to work to the best of our ability informing clients on discovery of dangerous conditions,poor workminship provided by others,and the lawfull need to aquire permits by following the specific townships regulations.
Safety and intigrity allways.