President Dolls jewellery [ADC*Est finalist 2011]

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  • President Dolls
    wood laser cuts for Tallinn Dolls
    A special jewellery design for Estonian Independence day, born as a co-work with Tallinn Dolls fashion brand. The main character is a lynx, because it is our presidents last name (in translation, it was actually Ilves and ilves means lynx in estonian, huh.) 

    Anyway it's a lynx and ordens with names of our past and current presidents, so every citizen deserves and can get a real orden. And there is also a cornflower, as it is estonian national flower.

    All the designs where wood laser cut and have a nice wood ethnical touch and feel to them.

    I also made decorations for the selling point and as you can see some bow ties for the men as well, because our president always wears one.

    Fashion photography by Laura Kallasvee.