UEF unit models
After the Cybran faction modelling, it was the more "human" engineered units for the UEF faction. My role was to model the unit and then pass it to Daniel Rutherford (an exceptionally good 3D modeller) for texturing and animation. 
A few things for the units designed for this faction...
UEF units had to look like they were designed from humans in the future, without this limiting sci-fi technologies to be used. As it can be seen from the logo of the faction, this faction follows a "blocky" look with straight lines and their units are mostly heavily armored, and well armed, looking rigid and buff.
Project: 3D modelling
Client: Revamp Expansion Team
Duration: 2 months
Following a Catamaran design, this unit is supposed to be super light and maneuverable, but armed to the tteeth with flak cannons, LRMs and Anti-Missile systems for protection.
This unit was loosely based on Shagohod from Metal Gear Solid. It is supposed to be a slow moving truck that when deployed, it launches...well....nukes!
Now this little droid, is a real predator. Designed to fire from super long distances, while lacking detection capabilities and viewing range on its own, when used with proper scouts, this hovering needle can deliver real blasts.
Starting as a 6 wheeled vehicle with one AA cannon, this little fella gets upgraded with heavier tracks (more survivability) and a second cannon!
Two versions were designed for this unit, one that had the elevator visible (right) and one that had a hangar (left).
Three versions were designed for this unit, one based on WW2 tank destroyers, one based on Russian modern tanks, and a final one completelly futuristic. The last one made it to the mod.
This vessel while having no armaments on its own, it generates resources and it offers a shield for sourounding units.
This one while super low-polied, was and still is one of my favourite models! Sleek and deadly!
Cancelled units
The followig units were scrapped and never finalized in the mod, mostly due to the model getting replaced by another one, but others because their role was replaced by another unit. Enjoy those gladiators...