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    Music video produced and directed by David Martínez Romero.
The fourth music video produced and directed by David Martínez Romero: a flash mob dance executed by more than 2.000 people in La Plaza de la Catedral (Cathedral Square), in the city of Cadiz (Spain). 

Cuban musicians Free Hole Negro composed and perfomed the song "Havana Clubbing" in this production, part of the Havana 7 Cultura platform conceptualized and developed by El Señor Goldwind.

One of our most beloved projects, since it represented for Eldorado the bigger production untill this very day. So it is a pleasure for us to share the making of "Havana Clubbing".

The original idea came from El Señor Goldwind, the agency assigned by Pernod Ricard to develop the Havana 7 Cultura platform in Spain. In order to emulate, anyway, the extraordinary show that took place in Chicago (Black Eyed Peas and Oprah Winfrey), the election of Cadiz (also called the Spanish Havana) as the right place to run our own show, turned out to be the best decision to make.

The music video was conceived both as an opportunity to register the flash mob in an artistic fashion, and a stimulating addition to the invitation made to the people of Cadiz to participate in the event.

As the very music video, we try to transmit just a feeling of happiness by sharing our work.

Music Video Credits

Client: El Señor Goldwind for Pernod Ricard Spain
Director: David Martínez Romero
DOP: David Andrés
First Director Assistant: Ramón Aller Casanova
Choreographer: Lola Ibáñez
Production Manager: Ángela Arévalo
Editing and Color Grading: Sinedie Video Design
Camera Operator: Alberto Pareja
Second Camera Operator: Iván Sánchez Alonso

Shot in Red One
Second Camera: Canon 7D 

Making of Credits

Executive Producer: David Martínez Romero
Editing, Photography and Camera Operation: Sinedie Video Design

Shot in Sony EX1

August 2010

"Stardust", Michael Buble