Huawei has been going through hard times due to US restrictions. After months of delay latest P50 flagship has finally been announced under unofficial name - #rebirth. To convey the emotions Millarc has teamed up with internal Huawei creative team to produce official P50 video.

Client: Huawei
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Creative & CGI: MILLARC
Client: Huawei
Production house: MILLARC
Huawei Creative Team: 崔建新, 王弋楚, 宿真浩, 崔建新, 支严屹伦

Executive Creative Director: Dominik Banasik
Lighting Artists: Rafał Stanisławski, Michał Koliba, Michał Natorski
FX Artist: Łukasz Szymański, Damian Kowalski
Fluids: Lars!
Compositing Artist: Dominik Banasik, Grzegorz Żołnowski
Music & Sounddesign: Michalis Anthis
Studio Supervisor: Maja Berdel


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Huawei P50 Series