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    This is the holiday catalog of Bratpack.
This is another catalog I made for Bratpack. This is the holiday issue and the brand wanted to focus on apparel this time. What we came up with is to separate the products into three categories, basing them on different personalities of people. Whenever we shop for gifts, we usually think about what kind of person will receive them. Are they artsy? Adventurous? Or quiet? This catalog kind of serves as an indirect gift guide to people you're buying for (or just for yourself). Since we're dealing with apparel, we hired models! This is a first because I've always relied on products alone on the last three I did. It's a nice change.
I included the digital files here because the supplier messed up. Again. This was the darkest result we've ever had out of four. FOUR! You'd think they would've improved. I'm really starting to wonder why on earth they're getting worse when I'm doing my best to take all precautions to avoid this. With that said, if you've seen this catalog in person, we didn't mean for it to look like that, or if you'll ever get a hold of one, please imagine it lighter. Haha. :(
You can get a copy of this catalog at any Bratpack store nationwide. There are free stickers, discount coupons, and a contest where you can win Bratpack GCs! :)
Art, Design, and Photography by Raxenne Maniquiz
Copy by Miguel de Dios
Styling by Raxenne Maniquiz and Mark Buenaobra
Models: Kit Angeles and Vince Gamad
Nice crunchy bed of leaves courtesy of my grandfather's backyard! Haha.
For the whole catalog, I still made collages, but I digitally painted each of the elements this time and I mixed them up with clean vectors. I always try to put in something new with every catalog I make.
The Artists
The Quiet Ones
The Adventurers
Yay for stickers! Fun blurbs by our awesome copywriter, Miguel! :)
An #OOTD contest with a slight twist. You should be wearing one of the masks in the catalog.
Discount coupons at the back! :)
And here are the digital files! Enjoy! \o/
As usual, the brand and I agreed that we really don't want it to be in-your-face Christmas-y, so I made an elaborate wreath. You can see the four white candles sticking out. Haha. I added Rudolph since he's an icon of the holidays (I decided against Santa because, well, imagine him up there.)
This is actually the first Peg cover I did without any product! Yay just art! Haha. The brand didn't really want to focus on any brand and so, it lead to this.
Sketches on paper first!
Here are some Cover studies. :)
Really love the titles Miguel came up with. Everything went well with the artworks. :)
Amped up the white-background spreads with a header.
Yep! I painted the fox!
Poler was supposed to give us some of their lifestyle shots but they weren't able to. So I shot these bags outdoors and arranged them into a simple layout for their ad at the last page.
Something minimalist at the back cover for a change. Haha.
Update! This catalog won Bronze at the adobo Design Awards 2014! Yay! :)