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2021 ZhuanZhuan Group Mid-Autumn Gift Box Design





The year of 2021 will be a year for the ZhuanZhuan Group to make a breakthrough in all aspects of performance. Therefore, combining with the background of Mid-Autumn Festival and the strategic background of the company, we have determined the theme of “Full Beyond".

Around the theme, the package is presented in the form of upper and lower books "treasure dictionary", recording the past and writing the future. It is a full interpretation of "beyond", which is not only the end and final chapter, but also a new starting point and a new chapter. The overall gift box combines the inner box and the outer box into one, transforming it into a cave game played as a child, restarting the fun of exploring the unknown. On the content of the gift, the theme of the first book is "Exploring the Breakthrough - Lunar Treasure Hunt", comparing the six types of moon cakes to six rare lunar ores with super powers, hoping that the spinners can gain power from them. The theme of the next book is "Empowered to Move Forward - Looking to the Future", expecting that the people who have gained superpowers will put on the new work badge set together with the transferring bears and start a new chapter!

Focusing on the second-hand industry, we have always believed that recycling can make the world more sustainable. Therefore, we implanted the concept of environmental protection and recycling into the gift box packaging this time. For this year's Mid-Autumn gift box packaging, we aimed to reduce the printing process and the total number of packages.

We searched for a paper made from recycled fruit peel waste and kept the original rich color of the peel paper without excessive color printing as much as possible to reduce the pollution caused by the printing process to the environment. At the same time, while ensuring the overall quality and fun of the gift box, we omitted the 8 gift inner packaging, and only kept the mooncake's own packaging from the factory to ensure food safety, in order to reduce the waste caused by non-essential packaging to a certain extent. Finally, we hope that you can recycle the two volumes of Treasure Trove, which is both a storage box and a not bad and auspicious decorative ornament.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!
视觉总监 | 单鹏赫
项目视觉负责 | 李倩文(牤坨坨)
礼盒创意概念 | 李倩文(牤坨坨)
礼盒包装及手提袋设计 | 李倩文(牤坨坨)
公仔及工卡套设计 | 侯佳欣(JIAXIN Hou
图片后期及三维动效 | 李倩文(牤坨坨)
特别感谢 | 黄旭 谷晓燕

Visual Director | Shan Penghe
Project Visual Director | Li Qianwen (Mang Tuotuo)
Gift Box Creative Concept | Li Qianwen (
Mang Tuotuo)
Gift box packaging and handbag design | Li Qianwen (
Mang Tuotuo)
Boy and card holder design | JIAXIN Hou(JIAXIN Hou

Photo post-production and 3D dynamic effect | Li Qianwen (Mang Tuotuo
Special Thanks | Huang Xu, Gu Xiaoyan

2021 ZhuanZhuan Group Mid-Autumn Gift Box Design