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Polestar Trambus

Automotive Design

Polestar Trambus concept :
“Polestar Trambus” is a fully EV autonomous mobility and mobility infrastructure solution that flexibly changes to bus-tram according to city traffic. It can flexibly adjust the traffic demand by combining bus modules according to the daily traffic volume. It can be used as a tram during commuting hours and as a divided bus during normal hours. During rush hour, several modules are connected as a tram, and during normal hours, each module is used as a bus, providing a more subdivided public transport. The Polestar Trambus is very flexible for city traffic-demand-management (TDM) compared to traditional public transport.

design responds to the Polestar Design Contest brief :
Progress has the meaning of a positive and gradual direction of change. A good system doesn't ignore the existing system and doesn't build it entirely new. Polestar Trambus is a progressive mobility infrastructure that does not ignore the existing transportation infrastructure and can solve the problems and encourage the sustainability of megacities with using existing system well.

July-Aug 2021 (1month short-project) / personal project for Polestar design contest

Exterior design

Interior Design

Polestar Trambus enriches passengers' travel time. The flexible sitting system applied to the interior allows one seat to operate in three modes: sitting, standing, and work (office). Using this system, there are zones of rest (sit), standing, and office (desk) in Trambus, and the user continues the pleasant moving experience in the zone he or she wants. Articulated modules(connecter) exist between each bus module, so movement between buses is free.

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Polestar Trambus

Polestar Trambus